Mermaid Lightweight PVC Plastic Cutout Props - Pack of 16
Our Price$14.63

Just look at the world around you, down here on the ocean floor! Surround yourself with mermaids at your Under the Sea party with these Mermaid Props. Perfect for any girl who has always longed to have her own set of fins and spend the rest of her life looking for the perfect merman and playing with the fish all day long. These props will complete your Underwater Insta-Theme that all the girls, young and old, will love. Add them to the BE52071 Under The Sea Backdrop and BE52073 Ocean Floor Border for a full Under The Sea effect.

Product Features
  • Printed on a thin sheet of plastic material
  • Orange mermaid: 68.5cm x 106.6cm tall
  • Purple mermaid: 78.4cm x 58.4cm tall
  • Green/blue mermaid: 93.9cm  x 71.1cm tall
  • Blue mermaid: 76.2cm x 78.7cm tall
  • 2 starfish: 20.3cm x 10.1cm tall
  • 2 crabs: 20.3cm x 17.7cm tall
  • 2 small seahorses: 12.7cm x 22.86cm tall
  • 2 large seahorses: 15.2cm x 27.9cm tall
  • 2 small fish: 12.7cm x 12.7cm tall
  • 2 large fish: 22.8cm x 22.8cm tall
  • 16 images per package

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