Sea Creatures Plastic Cutout Props (Cutouts range from 12.5cm to 157cm) INSTA-THEME - Pack of 13
Our Price$14.63

The ocean is full of beautiful sea creatures with lots of different colours and sizes. Bring a room to life by creating an Underwater Insta-Theme by hanging the BE52071 Under The Sea backdrop, then add the BE52073 Ocean Floor Border to the bottom. Make the backdrops instantly come to life by adding the very important Sea Creature Props. The Sea Creature Props are full of colour, and feature fish, octopus, and a turtle. The props are printed on clear plastic; props will need to be cut out before using. Use tape or tacks for attaching the props. We also have the Marine Life Props that can also be added to your under the sea room.

Product Features
  • Sea creature designs are printed on a thin plastic sheet
  • Attach to the wall with pins and tape
  • Octopus measures 154.9cm x 63.5cm
  • Turtle measures 91.4cm x 50.8cm
  • Clam measures 73.6cm x 58.4cm
  • Patch of coral measures 53.3cm x 27.9cm
  • 13 images per package

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