Party Products Australia - Qualatex Jewel Colours
QUALATEX - Standard | Fashion-tone | Jewel-tone | Pastel-Pearl | Metallic | Neon | Radiant | Assortments
CLOWN - Standard | Fashion | Pearl | Metallic | Crystal
PREMIER - Crystal | Fashion | Pearl | Metallic | Pastel

Jewel Colours -Available in 10cm, 28cm, 40cm, 60cm and 90cm
Jewel Lime Balloon
Jewel Lime
Jewel Teal Balloon
Jewel Teal
Onyx Black Balloon
Onyx Black
Quartz Purple Balloon
Quartz Purple
Sapphire Blue Balloon
Sapphire Blue
Emerald Green Balloon
Emerald Green
Ruby Red Balloon
Ruby Red
Citrine Yellow Balloon
Citrine Yellow
Mandarin Orange Balloon
Mandarin Orange
Sparkling Burgundy Balloon
Sparkling Burgundy
Amethyst Violet Balloon
Amethyst Violet
Diamond Clear Balloon
Diamond Clear

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