Balloon Seals Explained

Once Latex Balloons are blown up with air or helium gas, they need to be tied up. You can make a standard knot tying your blown up balloons or you can use what professional balloon decorators use; Balloon Seals.

The following is a list of the different balloons seals in the market. You can buy them from any good party supplies store or order them online from us and have them delivered directly to your door.

STandard balloon Seals
Standard Balloons Seals

Standard Balloon Seals allow you to seal a balloon by twisting it through the 2 slots on the side.

With this standard seal you can also attach a balloon string through the hole which allows the balloon to be tied to something.

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Quickie Clips
Quickie Clips

Quickie clips are used for sealing standard 28cm up to large 90cm balloons with large necks. They can be used in helium and air filled balloons.

With these plastic clips it is very easy and quick to seal a balloon without the loss of air or helium gas.

The Quickie Clip is a great solution for sealing balloons. You will be able to decorate your childrens, teen or other special party in no time.

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H-Clips Balloon Sealing

H-Clips are used to tie off balloons
the easy way. They have a hole in the middle to thread the balloon ribbon through.

They can be used in standard 28cm to large 60cm helium or air filled balloons.

Another ideal balloon seal for your special or themed party.

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Premium Balloon Sealing
Premium Balloon Seals

This Premium Balloon Seal is a modified Cello-Cup that now includes a precoiled, high-quality 1.2m pearl white satin curling ribbon.

In addition to the original Cello-Cup, the New Premium Balloon Seal is the simplest, most economical balloon holder, sealer, and ribbon, "All in One".

Unlike some similar products, the Premium Balloon Seal assembles to latex balloons with three simple steps without tying a knot.

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