How to organise a birthday party

When it's time for your child's birthday party, a little forward planning will help to make the very special day a great success. Whether the party is to be a simple morning tea for toddlers, a full scale, dress-up extravaganza for 6 year olds or a sleepover for pre-teens, work out the relevant details beforehand with the guest of honour.

So, for your child's birthday, you must be ready to provide delectable food, find the right venue and identify a party theme suitable for the child. Once you have a fair idea on what type of party it will be, you can go and buy your party supplies and decorations, hunt for food recipes and prepare special games during the event. What factors should you consider?


A few weeks before the event date, decide where your party will be held, what kind of party, how long it will last and how many guests to invite. Your child should draw up the guests lists. Even young children have definite ideas on who they want to ask and what type of party they would like to have.

Birthday parties do not have to be at home. Depending on the time of year, kids friendly local parks, amusement parks, the beach or even in the bush, all offer alternative spaces for a party. A childs hobby could suggest a venue such as a picnic, riding on a horse, kite flying or a surf party.

Balloons can help your guests to find your party easy. For birthday parties at home, tie a bunch of balloons and streamers to the front gate. If it is at a park tie a big bright bunch to the nearest tree.

Number of guests

Before you are caught up in the excitement of preparing for the social gathering, you must determine how many people you intend to invite. This is necessary, as this will dictate the amount of food, size of the venue, number of decorations needed and the number of party invitations to order. The number of children expected will also serve as the basis in how many loot bags and pre-packed favour boxes you have to order.

If you cannot cope with the large number, say so at the beginning and give your child a number to work with. For example 6 to 10 guests. A small group of happy children can form the basis of a terrific party.


How much are you willing to spend on party supplies and food? Having an estimate will help you decide on the type of products that you can purchase. If your budget allows it, then then you will be able to buy birthday balloons, hanging decorations, loot bags, pinatas, banners, plates, cups and table decorations. If your budget is limited you can settle on the essential party decorations and leave the extra money for food and drinks.


Ideally, you should order party supplies including the invitations early so that your purchases will arrive on time. Doing so will also give you more opportunities and time to get ideas for party themes. And, in the event that the items you want are not available, you would still have time to look somewhere else.

Party Themes

Simple ideas such as a silly hat party or a mask party can be quite as successful as full-blown disney princess themed party. Fancy-dress parties are a great idea, but check with the children before becoming too enthused, as some kids grow out of dressing up or may feel shy.
Making your own party decorations or costumes can be great fun, but it takes time, energy and money. With so many online party shops offering 100's of party themes or even thousands of party decorations it is much easier, convenient and also cheaper to shop online and have it delivered to your door.
Many old favourites such as pirate, cowboys, princess or wiggles parties are still popular, yet party themes are really only limited to your imagination. Check out which have a large range of party themes online.
Another party idea to take your children to the limit could be a space, astronaut or alien party. Hold a witch, wizard & warlock convention. For the younger ones host a Teddy Bears Picnic in the backyard or local park where every child brings a bear and goes on a treasure hunt for "honeypot" filled with party favours.

A party can be based around a movie, book or TV series. Guests can come dressed up as their favorite characters. Little ones love to transform themselves into animals, clowns, fairies, flowers and fairy tales.
For pre-teens, set up their own disco party, featuring the music of their current favourite pop and rock groups.
Girls love pyjama parties and sleepovers. Set aside a large room or a tent. Make a time for lights out. Guests can bring torches, toothbrushes, sleeping bags and nightwear. Serve a special late night supper of pikelets and hot chocolate.
In summer, backyard pool parties are a hit for older children, but all ages love to splash about in water.


Adapt ideas to suit your circumstances. Online party supply stores have a large range of ready-made decorations, noisemakers, helium balloons and costumes for all kinds of parties. For the do-it-yourself party givers, raid the local discount fabric shop and big chain stores for lengths and inexpensive materials such as calico, wide sheeting, bright cheap cottons or remants and samples to create your own decorations.
Lenghts of black plastic can drape a room for a spooky effect and netting comes in many colours to be used for everything from costumes to imitation spider webs. Crepe paper and felt are inexpensive and very adaptable for costumes and decorations.
Whatever you decide to do for your party, organise ahead and you'll be able to relax and have fun on the day.


Supply plenty of food and drinks. Children find parties hungry and thirsty after playing around and having fun. The simplest dishes are a variety of savoury and sweet food, both warm and cold, so that fussy guests can have a choice.

Keep the food interesting with a blend of crunchy, soft and hard textures including a mix of flavours. When making up a menu, plan on serving 4 to 6 savoury dishes plus 2 - 3 sweet dishes plus the birthday cake.

Where to buy your party supplies

Aside from these suggestion, we recommend to do shopping online for your invitations, decorations and costumes. Buying party supplies from this website, for instance, is not only convenient, but also guarantees that goods will be delivered to your doorstep within a few days. Simple, no hassle and cheap alternative.

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