The Revolutionary Balloon Tying Tool - Knot Me

Knot Me is a balloon tying tool with no moving parts. It will knot your balloon and attach ribbon in one
simple motion. Imagine: "No more sore fingers, blisters or band-aides".


Whether you are right or left handed, the built in blades for cutting and curling the ribbon, make tying balloons easy. Included in the design is a post for building balloon arches.

Knot Me is designed for the Balloon Professional. It is easy to use, you will save time and money to get your balloon decorations done quicker and faster.




* The Knot Me Tying Tool is designed for cylinder (helium tank) attachment only.

* Always use a tank stand (never free standing).

* Strap the knot me tying tool securely (as tight as possible) to your cylinder.


Knotting Instructions

* Use the cutting blade located just under the tool to cut your ribbon and the curling bar on top to curl your ribbon.

* When making balloon arches wrap line/ribbon around the "arch post" to free the hands while you knot another.

* As you tie more and more you will pick up the feel for how different size balloons need to be handled.

* Most important is in step one, the more you stretch the neck of the balloon the harder it will be to pull off.



Can "Knot Me" be used by both left and right handed people? It sure can be.
Does "Knot Me" work on all size balloons? It will accommodate and tie a 9 inch balloon up to a 30 inch balloon.
If my "Knot Me" breaks, will you replace it?

Yes. "Knot Me" has a life time guarantee


Where can I find replacement blades for ribbon cutter? Any local hardware store or office supply store carries the standard size blades.
How does one replace the cutting blade? To replace the blade,unscrew the three screws and pull the two pieces apart then replace the blade. Please note: the two half's must realign perfectly if not the balloon will fail when pulled off the neck by the sharp plastic edge. Use light sandpaper to smooth the around the head and then apply powder or silicone spray to help facilitate the release. Also do NOT Over tighten the screws...they strip easy
Do I need to remove the strap? No
How awesome is Knot Me? Very awesome
Where do i purchase a Knot Me Balloon Tying Tool? It's easy. Just click here!