What are Link-O-Loon Balloons?

LINK-0-LOON© balloons come in a standard of 30cm (11") , 12cm (5") or Printed latex balloon with a very important difference - it has a unique elongated tail, which is used to tie it to another balloon.

In this way simple chains or arches can be created without fishing line, quickly and easily. Complex shapes and matrices can be constructed without props, frames or other supports.

Now developed into a complete decorating system, LINK-O-LOON© enables you to create Arches, Sound Shells, Self-supporting Columns, Corrals, Balloon Wall Curtains, 3 dimensional Mirror Balls, Dance Floor Canopies, Circles, Diamonds, Cubes, Squares, Stars and Sculptures.

Due to the speed and versatility of construction and the endless design possibilities, you can become very creative and be constantly amazed at the many ways LINK-O-LOON© can be used.

Link-O-Loon Arch link-o-loon Link-O-Loon Designs


How to use Link-O-Loon Balloons

Connecting LINK-O-LOON Inflate first LINK-O-LOON® with air or helium to a uniform oval shape and tie off the neck. Do not over inflate.
Inflated LINK-O-LOON Inflate the second LINK-O-LOON®. Without tying off, cross the link of the first LINK-O-LOON® over the neck of the second.
Tie Balloons Tie the neck to the link to form a single knot. THERE IS NO NEED TO TIE OFF EACH LINK-O-LOON® BEFORE ATTACHING THE NEXT.
Keep going with tying until desired lenght is reached Keep adding LINK-O-LOON® until you produce the desired chain length. 15 LINK-O-LOON® tied together will form a chain approximately 4.5m long.