Party Games for young and old

Party Games

Party Games

We have compiled some of the most popular children's party games to help take the worry out of "what to do" with a house full of kids to entertain.

Most games are easy to be setup, easy to learn, safe to do and you can involve the youngest to even their grand parents.

Playing fun games at your kids birthday party is a great way to get everybody involved. And everybody will have a great time, guaranteed.

Game 1     Egg and Spoon Race
Game 2     Sack Race
Game 3     Three Legged Race
Game 4     Balloons Up
Game 5     Balloon Tennis
Game 6     Bursting Balloons
Game 7     Balloon Races
Game 8     Musical Islands
Game 9     Hula Hoop Games
Game 10    Circle Game
Game 11    Musical Chairs
Game 12    Pass The Parcel
Game 13    Celebrity Head
Game 14    Chinese Whispers
Game 15    Marco Polo
Game 16    Murder Winks
Game 17    Pirate Party Games