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Custom Printed Balloons

Latex Balloon Colour Chart

Custom Printed Balloons

Need something special for your customers, trade show or your party?

Why not have your own design, logo or information printed on balloons!

* Promotional balloons with your logo and phone number
* Special occasion balloons for birthdays and parties
* Sale, Clearance or event balloons
* Foil or Latex in a range of sizes
* Printed in the colour and size you require

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Napkin Folding Instructions

How to fold Napkins

Napkin Folding Arrangements are a simple way to add just that extra little something to your dinner time celebrations. Find Eleven napkin folds and instructions on how to create them.

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Balloon Seals

Balloon Seals & Clips

There are a variety of Balloon Seals in the market which will assist you in making tying balloons easier. Find out what Quickie Clips, H-Clips and Premium Balloon Seals are.

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Balloon Tying machine Instructions

Knot-Me Balloon Tying Machine

Knot Me is a balloon tying tool with no moving parts. It will knot your balloon and attach ribbon in one simple motion. Imagine: "No more sore fingers, blisters or band-aides".

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link-a-loon Instructions

Link-O-Loon Balloon Decorations

LINK-0-LOON© balloons come in a standard of 30cm (11") , 12cm (5") or Printed latex balloon with a very important difference - it has a unique elongated tail, which is used to tie it to another balloon.

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hi-float Instructions

Hi-Float Balloon Sealing Solution

HI-FLOAT are water-soluble plastics specially formulated to hold in helium. They dry inside the latex balloon to form a barrier coating which helps hold in helium. When used properly the SUPER HI-FLOAT makes latex balloons float up to 10 times longer than untreated balloons and the new ULTRA HI-FLOAT can make balloons float up to 25 times longer.

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helium filled balloons

Helium Filled Balloons Flying Time Explained

Helium filled balloons flying time are effected by such things as helium quality, weather, humidity, temperature, atmospheric conditions, and elevation above sea-level. As a "rule of thumb", reduce lift and flying time by 7.5% for each 1000 feet above sea-level.

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helium required for filling balloons

How much Helium is required to fill your balloon

Many local shops stock helium. If you want to know how much helium is required for your balloon then this attached chart from Qualatex is a very good guide.

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pull string bows - how to make them

How to make Pull String Bows

Creating Bows for your Christmas presents or your party decoration yourself is very time consuming and requires a lot of patience. Making a single Bow will take around 10 - 15 minutes.

Pull String Bows are factory manufactured using professional equipment and a skilled work force. Using a Pull String Bow will take you 10-15 seconds!

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Different types of latex balloons explained

Different types of latex balloons explained

Learn about what the diffeent types of balloons such as Jewel, Radiant, Standard, Fashion, Carnival and others mean.

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Latex Balloon Colour Charts

Balloon Colours by balloon brand

Browse our full list of Qualatex, Clown and Premier Balloon colours. Handy tool to get the right balloon colour for your custom printed job.

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balloon colours - how to select the right colour

Find your Balloon Colour with PMS code

Find Balloon colour and then select the PMS number for our range of balloons.

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