Different types of latex balloons explained

Standard latex balloons:

The standard range contains the basic standard colours such as red, green, blue, yellow, etc. Least expensive of all latex balloons, they are perfect for those with a tight budget!

Radiant latex balloons:

The Radiant range contains the basic standard colours such as red, green, blue, yellow, plus Quartz purple. 

Radiant Pearl latex balloons:

Colours in the Radiant Pearl Range are similar to Jewel colours. However, the Radiant Pearl Range of colours are solid, as opposed to translucent, and have a soft sheen finish. 

Jewel latex balloons:

The Jewel range contain a wider range of colours than the standard range and include colours such as magenta, lime, ruby red and sparkling burgundy! Jewel balloons are translucent so you will be able to see through them, especially when held up to a light source.

Fashion latex balloons:

The Fashion Range is a collection of modern colours containing fashionable shades such as the interestingly named "Robin's Egg Blue" & "Wildberry". These balloons are ideal for providing accents to your event venue/balloon decorations, particularly where colour is a key element.

Carnival latex balloons:

Colors include dark blue, green, red, yellow, orange, purple violet, lime green and are a solid colour.

Tropical latex balloons:

Colours inclcude yellow, orange, Robin's Egg blue, Quartz purple, Wildberry & lime green and are solid colour.

Pastel Pearl latex balloons:

Pastel Pearl latex balloons are a summery selection of "pastel" colours such as light blue, lavender and mint green. These colours look gorgeous when used together and complement the current vintage flower trend. The balloons have a pearlised finish giving them a soft sheen when inflated, making them a popular choice for use at Weddings, Christenings or Baby Showers.

Metallic latex balloons:

This range consists of just two colours; metallic gold and silver. The metallic pigment in the latex of these balloons provides the metallic colour. The balloons have a soft sheen finish.

NB: An important note to make about 12cm or 5" latex balloons is that they are not suitable for helium-filling as they don't hold enough to enable them float. These balloons are more suited for table topiary centrepiece decorations or similar.