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Celebrity Head



You are given a celebrity name which is hidden to you (either in a headband or on your forehead) and the object of the game is to guess your celebrity name. The first to guess will win.

If you don’t have the board game, here is a simple way to still play.

The object of the game is to guess your celebrity name.

Number of players:

Four or more people.


What you will need:

* Celebrity Head board game; or

* Chair

* Post it notes or similar

* Pen


How to play:

If you don’t have the board game and need to improvise, write down on small post it notes some celebrity names that the kids will know such as cartoon characters or TV personalities or singers etc.

Get everyone to sit in a line facing the chair. Choose the first player to sit on the chair facing the team and place the celebrity name on their forehead.

He or she then asks question that gives you a yes or no answer only. Example, “Am I famous”, “Am I a singer” or “Am I a girl”.

Once he or she asks enough questions to work out which celebrity they are, they can guess. They continue to ask until they have guessed correctly.

You rotate the players and continue as above until everyone has had a turn.