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Marco Polo


Marco Polo is a great game to play in the swimming pool. The object of the game is to not get caught by Marco (the person who is “in”).

Number of players:

Unlimited number of players (amount of players depends on size of pool).

What you will need:

* Swimming pool


How to play:

One person is chosen to be “in” and he or she closes their eyes and goes to one end of the swimming pool.
He or she counts to 10 and shouts out very loudly “Marco”. All others in the pool shout out “Polo” and it is up to “Marco” to catch one of the kids shouting out “Polo”.

If Marco (the person who is “in”) suspects that someone has gotten out of the water they shout out “Fish out of water”, and if the call is made when someone is out of the water they are “out”. As soon as a “Polo” is caught, that person is “in” and becomes the new “Marco”.

Alternatively you can forgo the “Fish out of water” rule and make everyone remain in the pool during the game. Climbing out of the pool will then lead to them being disqualified.