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Musical Islands

If you like musical chairs you will love musical islands. We all know pirates bury their treasure on secret islands but can they remember which island they hid it on or will they be banished before they get a chance to find it?


What you will need:

* Music and a player

* Cardboard boxes flattened and cut into island shapes with a number written on them

* Write the numbers corresponding with the islands onto individual pieces of paper and fold them up into pirate loot bag

* A treasure chest of chocolate coins


How to play:

To begin the game you must first scatter the numbered islands around the floor. Then when the music starts the kids are free to roam the seas in search of the treasure by walking in a circle from one island to the next.

But when the music stops the kids must quickly run to an island. Then a number is drawn out of the loot bag and whoever is standing on that numbered island is banished from the game. With each elimination, an island sinks into the ocean and disappears from the game until there is only one island remaining.

Whoever is the last pirate standing on the island wins the game and the treasure!