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Sea Monster Attack



This game is easy to organise and a lot of fun for the kids, especially those with an active imagination.

What you will need:

* Newspaper

* Some exciting, tension building music

* A willing adult to umpire

How to play:

Place eight pieces of newspaper scattered around the yard or floor to represent the land. The little pirates have to avoid being attacked by the sea monster and the only way to escape his attack is to make it safely to dry land before he catches you in the open waters. Once the music begins the pirates are allowed to start sailing the sea by walking around the newspapers but when the umpire yells “Sea monster attack! ” all the players must find their way to dry land “the newspaper”. The last pirate on dry land is out.


At the end of each round a piece of newspaper is removed and it will become harder for the pirates to find dry land in time. Pirates can hold onto each other as long as no part of the body is touching the ground. The last pirate standing at the end is the winner.