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Walk the Plank:

Every pirate knows the price for treachery on the seven seas is to walk the plank and face the murky depths of the ocean. This game is sure to get the kids excited.


What you will need:

* A long, thin plank of wood

* 4-6 x bricks

* A blue tarp or blanket to symbolise the ocean


How to play:

Lay the tarp on the ground and then support the plank off the ground with the bricks. Make sure it is level and secure. Divide the children into two teams and each child has top walk the length of the plank without falling off into the ocean.

Then each round has a new challenge to increase the level of difficulty. Including walking backyards, hopping, walking sideways, stepping over obstacles and finally conquering the plank blindfolded!

Each child who successfully walks the plank gets awarded two points and one point gets deducted every time someone touches the ground. At the end of the game add up all the points and the team with the most points wins!



If it is a hot day you can also fill up a kiddie pool at the end of the plank for the kids to “fall© into. You can also set a time limit to make it more challenging for older kids.